Top Ten Shocking, Revealing, and Heart Breaking Moments11:26

Top Ten Shocking, Revealing, and Heart Breaking Moments

Top Ten Shocking, Revealing, and Heartbreaking Moments is the second Top 10 list on The Completionist. It was released on May 16th, 2012. In it, Jirard (and in the case of #2, Greg) goes through ten moments in gaming that personally shocked him, helped him stay invested in the games he played, or disgusted him. Of course, spoilers are abound.

In between discussions, Jirard teases the game the spoiler comes from to give the audience time to click away to avoid spoilers.

The List Edit

10. Samus Is A Chick! - Metroid/Super Metroid

9. The Destruction of Adlehyde - Wild Arms

8. Nemesis - Resident Evil 3

7. Isaac's Girlfriend - Dead Space

6. All Sanity Effects - Eternal Darkness

5. No Megaman - Marvel vs. Capcom 3

4. Peach Is Bowser Jr's Mom - Super Mario Sunshine

3. Aeris's Death - Final Fantasy VII

2. John Marston's Last Stand - Red Dead Redemption

1. Zack's Death - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

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