Top Ten SNES Games - The Completionist15:05

Top Ten SNES Games - The Completionist

Top Ten SNES Games is the seventh (and Jirard's sixth) Top 10 video on The Completionist. In the video, Jirard lists his favorite games from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, his favorite console of all time. It was uploaded on August 2nd, 2013. Jirard has stated that Chrono Trigger and Earthbound were not included on the list because he had not played either at that time.

TMNT 4: Turtles in Time was given an honorable mention, and a contender for the #10 spot on the list.

The List Edit

10. Final Fight

9. Killer Instinct

8. Mario Paint (Greg had jokingly asked at the beginning if this was on the list, and was surprised that it was on)

7. Secret of Mana

6. Mega Man X

5. Super Mario RPG

4. Super Metroid

3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

2. Final Fantasy VI

1. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

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