Top Ten Final Smashes Part 2 - Wii U - The Completionist12:31

Top Ten Final Smashes Part 2 - Wii U - The Completionist

Top Ten Final Smashes Part 2 is the 13th (and Jirard's 11th) Top 10 list of The Completionist. It is a sequel to Top Ten Final Smashes Part 1, and focuses on Jirard's personal favorite Final Smashes from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS. It was released on November 21st, 2014, the date of release for the Wii U version. A full review of both games is promised for the following week.

The List Edit

10. Konga Beat - Donkey Kong

9. Dream Home - Villager

8. NES Zapper Posse - Duck Hunt

7. Shadow Mario Paint - Bowser Jr. and The Koopalings

6. Secret Ninja Attack - Greninja

5. Pair-Up - Robin

4. Mega Evolution and Mega Lucario - Charizard and Lucario

3. Three Sacred Treasures - Pit

2. Super Pac-Man - Pac-Man

1. Mega Legends - Mega Man

Trivia Edit

  • Even though Konga Beat was not only a Final Smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and even made Jirard's list of Brawl Final Smashes, Jirard put it on this list as a repeat because it was made more user friendly in the Wii U/3DS games.

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