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Super Beard Bros22:48

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 7 - The Free Store

Game Mother 3
Episode 7
Date Aired May 17th, 2014
Episode Length 22:48
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Mother's Day
Next Episode The Walking Bushie


The episode starts off right where they left off last episode, in jail, only this time, they didn't have to replay any parts offscreen.

While Jirard runs around town, he lets the viewers know that they got two arcade cabinets (for Super Coin-Op Bros) in their office from Nathan Barnatt (Good Job, man). They don't however, give any names as to what they could be, just that they are excited.


  • Broken out of Jail.
  • Drago Fang obtained


  • Claus's name is an anagram of Lucas, and vice-versa.
  • The characters Claus and Lucas were inspired by two characters by the same named from a book called The Notebook.
  • In Earthbound 64, Claus had brown hair.
  • Alec is one of the names that you can give Ness using the Don't Care option in EarthBound.
  • Alec also resembles The Camera Man from EarthBound.

Question of the DayEdit

In times of sadness, have you ever felt that before bring out "fake" emotions to sympathize?

Jirard said that he has felt that when his mom had passed away, there were some people who had used fake emotions.

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