The Flappy Puppet Mouth
Super Beard Brothers - Star Fox 64 Episode 2 - The Flappy Puppet Mouth30:22

Super Beard Brothers - Star Fox 64 Episode 2 - The Flappy Puppet Mouth

Game Star Fox 64
Episode 2
Date Aired November 30th, 2012
Episode Length 30:22
Playlist Star Fox 64
Last Episode Star Wolf Should Be British and Evil
Next Episode Gundam Style


The video starts with one of Jirard's favorite levels, which they called "The Train Level" A.K.A "The sexy train Level", where they mainly talk about trivia and compare this level to western movies.

After that they moved to the "Not-so-sexy Satellite Level". During this video they over analyse the fact that there are anthropomorphic animals in space flying spaceships and wearing aviator, as well as the missing body of Andross in the final fight.


  • Macbeth
  • Area 6
  • Venom (Top ending)
  • Completion of the first route (bottom-middle)


  • The odd eratic talking animations for the Star Fox team were a design choice inspired by the hand puppets from Thunderbirds.
  • Some of the extra, out of context lines recorded during the development of the game were included in the underwater level, and are references to how they couldn't develop more than one underwater level for the whole game due to technical difficulties.


  • Jirard promises to play the first level of the game on the cockpit POV

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