Cancer Minor
Super Mario Galaxy Let's Play 3 - Cancer Minor32:24

Super Mario Galaxy Let's Play 3 - Cancer Minor

Game Super Mario Galaxy
Episode 3
Date Aired April 4th, 2017
Episode Length 32:23
Playlist Super Mario Galaxy
Last Episode Opiuchus
Next Episode TBA

Episode Edit

A discussion about how chemical flavors on pastries are terrible is had, and according to Shigeru Miyamoto (also known as Alex Faciane), Pat would eat a warhead cookie. Shigeru Miyamoto also expressed his distaste for said cookies, would they exist. Further Beard Bros credit was also offered for sending warhead cookies to Pat.

The Bros then comment on reused mario music, and how it sounds like the Muppet show theme. Alex then closes off with the very controversial opinion that if you get spoiled on an old movie it's your own fault.

Question of the Day Edit

  • Do you know someone who looks like Super Mario who is around 25-years-old?

Homework Edit

  • Find someone who is 25-years-old that looks like Super Mario.
  • Make a graveyard filled with tombstones that contain quotes that Alex has said, and .
  • Make and send Patrick some warhead cookies. Black Cherry flavor preferrably.

Bros Trivia Edit

  • Alex is a gamer, and has had many games.
  • Jirard hates chicken strips.
  • Jirard thinks chicken strips are great.

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