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Super Mario 64 DS
Super Beard Bros37:18

Super Beard Bros. 64 DS 1 - Kooper

Series Number 32
Date Began September 15, 2016
Date Ended December 30, 2016
Number of Episodes 27
Playlist Super Mario 64 DS

Super Beard Bros. Edit

This series began on September 15, 2016 and is the start of many ongoing jokes, like the infamous "Boba Fett, Boba Drink" joke. This series' title has a theme of weird names like Twink, and Watt.

This series also had a rare appearance by ProJared (episodes 6-8)

Episodes Edit

  1. Kooper
  2. Goombario
  3. Bombette
  4. Boshi
  5. Pennington
  6. Sushie
  7. Bowser Schmowser
  8. Lady Bow
  9. Twink
  10. Chippy
  11. Plessie
  12. Wario is Weird
  13. Parent Appreciation Day
  14. Parakarry
  15. Watt
  16. Tippi
  17. Pauline
  18. Sorbetti
  19. O'Chunks
  20. Wiggly
  21. Baby Luma
  22. Toadsworth
  23. Huff N. Puff
  24. Lakilester
  25. Fawful
  26. Finale - Tatanga

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