Super Drunk Bros

Super Drunk Bros. is a series on Super Beard Bros. where Jirard and Alex drink many a drink and play games. Before playing, they take a shot of a game-themed alcoholic drink, and play the game. While playing they will, depending on the specified rules beforehand, have to take shots then as well, such as losing a match or losing a life, depending on the game.



Scores are updated upon release of the next Super Drunk Bros. episode or 1 week after the video's initial release, so that spoilers may be further avoided.

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade EditionEdit

The winner of this episode is... Jirard!

In this episode, Jirard takes two drinks while Alex takes a whopping 6 drinks, not including those drunk before the episode started (one each). 

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!Edit

The winner of this episode is... Zan and Michael!

In the episode, since Jirard was on vacation, Alex brought Michael from Belated Media, Jimmy from Sunder, and Zan Alda onto the show to drink with him. While many drinks were had, Jimmy and Zan came out only drinking 6 drinks, while Alex and Michael both drank 7. While they may have drank the most, in the final race the team of Zan and Michael prevailed, netting them a victory!


  • Alex is the one who came up with the idea for this series. Jirard originally turned this down, however, he eventually came around to the idea. Even still, he regretted his decision.