The Dex has arrived at the last pokemon of this legendary gen 2 trio. The water type Suicune.

The Dex! - Suicune and the REAL Burned Tower!06:44

The Dex! - Suicune and the REAL Burned Tower!

Game Pokemon
Episode 155
Date Aired 04/12/2016
Episode Length 6:43
Playlist TheDex
Last Episode Raikou
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Ridiculous Segment Edit

  • The Pokemon creation myth etc.

Battle Strategy Edit

  • Nature: Bold
  • Ability: (non mentioned)
  • Item: (non mentioned)
  • EV's: primarily HP, add to choice
  • Scald
  • Snarl
  • Tailwind
  • Icebeam

Trivia Edit

  • Alex is named Kindler alex
  • Both Kellz and Alex are dressed in a T-shirt with a legendary pokémon on it. Suicune and Entei respectively.

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