RYGAR - Super Coin-Op Bros13:55

RYGAR - Super Coin-Op Bros. 1

Super Coin-Op Bros.
Episode Number 1
Date Released May 7th, 2014

Rygar is a video game created by Tecmo in 1986 and originally released for arcades in Japan as Argus no Senshi (アルゴスの戦士). It is a scrolling platform game where the player assumes the role as the "Legendary Warrior", battling through a hostile landscape. The main feature of gameplay is using a weapon called the "Diskarmor", a shield with a long chain attached to it.

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Super Coin-Op Bros.Edit

For the first episode of Super Coin-Op Bros., Jirard and Alex chose to play Rygar, a lesser known game from the arcade days. Jirard dies quite a bit during his playthrough, but eventually makes it to round 11 before ending the episode.


  • In the Japanese version, Ligar and Rygar are the same person, while the main character is just a legendary warrior.

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