Bad Pokémon Science! Edit

  1. Kabutops
  2. Tyranitar
  3. Gliscor

Good Pokémon Science! Edit

  1. Reuniclus

Pokémon...Behind the Balls Edit

  1. Gengar
  2. Bulbasaur

Class with Kellz! Edit

  1. Mudkip
  2. Blaziken

Pokémon Etymology Edit

  1. Zangoose
  2. Typhlosion
  3. Metagross

Pokémon Creation Myth...Etc Edit

Pokémon Conspiracies Edit

  1. Absol
  2. Luxray

Lame Pokémon Puns Edit

  1. Gallade

Scary Ghost-Type Stories Edit

  1. Shedinja

Culture Shock Edit

  1. Scrafty
  2. Chingling

You Heard It Here First! Edit

  1. Togekiss


  1. Arcanine

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