Mario RPG 1509:47

Mario RPG 15

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 15
Date Aired November 1st, 2013
Episode Length 9:47
Playlist Super Mario RPG
Last Episode Chicken McSandwich
Next Episode Pun, Pun, Pun


The episode starts with Greg asking Alex what he had for lunch, after a brief welcome to the show. Afterwords, Jirard tortures an old man by refusing to give the star piece to Yaridovich and his gang until he "dies."

Jirard catches up to Yaridovich to retrieve his star piece, but when he sees them, they try to run away. However, Johnny unexplainably comes to the rescue, forcing Yaridovich to fight. With no other choice, Yaridovich assumes his true form, attacking Mario.


  • Yaridovich defeated.
  • 5th Star piece (re)obtained.


  • Yaridovich's name is made up of two words: "Yari," which is a type of japanese spear, and "Dovich," which is a russian suffix that is the equivalent of the western "Son" that you add to the end of names.

Not RelatedEdit

  • The program "winRAR's" free trail lasts forever.

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