Metal Whale Solid
Super Beard Bros - Super Mario Land 2 with Special Guest Davis Episode 2 - Metal Whale Solid15:29

Super Beard Bros - Super Mario Land 2 with Special Guest Davis Episode 2 - Metal Whale Solid

Game Super Mario Land 2
Episode 2
Date Aired February 1st, 2013
Episode Length 15:29
Playlist Super Mario Land 2
Last Episode Panic Room
Next Episode Into The Woods... Tree?


The episode starts out with the boys recapping the last episode. Since Davis cleared Mario Zone so quickly in the last episode , so Alex starts out by talking about the bosses of Mario Zone and their appearance in Nintendo Power. Davis then moves along to Turtle Zone. The first topic in the Turtle Zone is on the topic of water levels. Later, the boys praise the game on how fleshed out it is for being an early gameboy game. Davis cleared all of the levels with ease and defeated the boss. Alex proceeds to tell the story of how Mario defeats a giant octopus in Nintendo Power.


  • Turtle Zone beaten


  • The bosses of Mario Zone are called The Three Little Pigheads. In the Mario vs. Wario comic from Nintendo Power, Mario beats the TLPs by bowling one of them into the others.
  • In the same comic, Mario defeats the Octopus boss of Turtle Zone by accidently pouring sugar into the lake the Octopus inhabits.

Not relatedEdit

  • Davis thinks that the best waterlevel of any game is from Super Mario Land due to the submarine that you use in that level. He also hates every other water level and thinks they are lazy gamedesign.
  • Alex considers Donkey Kong Country to have the best water level. Jirard claims that the sequel has the better water levels, however.

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