Geno Syndrome
Super Beard Bros21:25

Super Beard Bros. DELUXE - Super Mario RPG Episode 1 - Geno Syndrome

Game Super Mario RPG
Episode 1
Date Aired May 7, 2013
Length 21:25
Playlist Super Mario RPG


The episode opens with Jirard discussing with Alex his love for the game, and how when he was younger being upset that when jumping on an enemy (as Mario) that the enemy didn't just die.

Jirard finishes the episode in the Mushroom Kingdom, after seeing Mallow, leaving him crying outside the Inn.


Jirard said that if they ever make it to the Grate Guy's Casino, that they will do an episode solely on it, while Jirard explains why it's his favorite and least favorite thing about the game.


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Question of the DayEdit

Atmosphere vs Mechanics. Which makes a game better?

Jirard and Alex said that a game like Super Metroid is all about Atmosphere, while games like Super Mario RPG is all about the Mechanics.

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