Gen 1 vs. Gen 2
Gen 1 vs11:08

Gen 1 vs. Gen 2! The Dex VS Episode 2!

Game Pokémon
Episode 2
Date Aired July 26th, 2013
Episode Length 11:07
Playlist TheDexVs.
Last Episode Red vs. Blue
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Kellz's Team Edit

NPC: Psychic

  1. Scizor
  2. Donphan
  3. Tyranitar
  4. Blissey
  5. Espeon
  6. Skarmory

Alex's Team Edit

NPC: Hiker

  1. Gengar
  2. Gyarados
  3. Aerodactyl
  4. Cloyster
  5. Jolteon
  6. Dragonite

Trivia Edit

  • The score is 2-0 Alex.

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