Clan of the Bearded Nuns!
Super Beard Brothers - Wild Arms Episode 2 - Clan of the Bearded Nuns!23:34

Super Beard Brothers - Wild Arms Episode 2 - Clan of the Bearded Nuns!

Game Wild Arms
Episode 2
Date Aired November 28th, 2012
Episode Length 23:34
Playlist Wild Arms
Last Episode Jack The Treasure Hunter
Next Episode ROODY!

Progression in EpisodeEdit

Jirard picks The Girl in the Abbey, Cecilia. Explored the Abby which was revealed to be full of Dumbledores and beards. They solved some random statue puzzles and used a tear to open doors. Then they fought a overly hard/tedious ancient book monster that calls Cecilia the "Innocent One". That appearred to be wearing clown shoes or slippers with a single spike for a tail.  Cecilia  gets a summon after defeating it and then they're suddenly allowed to leave the abbey. They end the episode talking about how later on there will be dungeons where you play as all the characters and split up and that Roody is a silent protaganist like Link.

Completion listEdit

  • Chose to play as Cecilia The girl in the Abbey
  • Solved a statue puzzle.
  • Opened up a temple using an ancient relic
  • Defeated an Ancient monster

Stats By the End of The EpisodeEdit

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