Bread With Nuts
Super Beard Bros16:46

Super Beard Bros. - Mother 3 2 - Bread With Nuts

Game Mother 3
Episode 2
Date Aired April 27th, 2014
Episode Length 16:46
Playlist Mother 3
Last Episode Cha-Ching!
Next Episode Super Soot Bros!


The episode begins in the exact same spot as where the last episode ended, with Thomas calling for Flint's aid for the forest fire.

This episode also has a strong lack of Trivia, which Alex actually addresses at the beginning of the episode, saying that he will refrain from trivia until after the Forest section.


  • Tazmily Map obtained

Question of the DayEdit

Do you think the Yammonster looks like a yam or a bird?

Alex originally called it a yam, although he could see why Jirard would call it a bird, however, Alex can clearly see that it is meant to be a Yam.

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