3D Dot Game Heroes
Super 3D Bros

Super 3D Bros. 1 - Is this Zelda?

Series Number 31
Date Began August 4th, 2016
Date Ended November 27th, 2016
Number of Episodes 30
Playlist Super 3D Bros.
3D Dot Game Heroes is a series started on August 4th, 2016 and is referred to as by Alex Faciane as the brightest game ever made on multiple episodes. Alex Faciane has also referred to the sword that they received as a "very large sword." The Beard Bros. were unable to complete the game on the first run, as they had missed multiple key items in the first part of the game. The Beard Bros. also had problems with the Dash Circuit Minigame early on in the game. Episode number 18 had a noticeable typo in the title being #stillstidebois when it should be #stillsidebois.